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Cyber Hunter is an open-world battle royale game featuring an unique combination of gaming elements, including survival, shooting and exploring. Any vertical surface in the Cyber Hunter world is climbable and players can glide down from high up.

Equipped with cool guns, creative weapons and vehicles that fly and float, you can explore stories of justice versus evil, old fighting new, and conservatism fending off radicalism.

Below are all the latest guides for Cyber hunter with free downloadable PDFs. Enjoy! :)

 Thank you, Soulrise

Cyber Hunter -
Beginners Guide

Watch the Beginners Guide in the first part of this Mobile Game Guide Series!

Free PDF download of guide below.

Cyber Hunter -
Guide To Droid Skills

Hi everyone. This guide goes though all the droid skills available in the game and discusses which ones are best for you!

Free PDF download of guide below.

Cyber Hunter -
Weapon Guide

Hi everyone. This guide goes though all weapons in the guide and all their uses. This guide will help you pick the best weapon to suit your play style.

Free PDF download of guide below.

Cyber Hunter -
Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone. This Tips and Tricks guide will help new and veteran players with the essential information needed to get that 1st place spot! 

Free PDF download of guide below.




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MASK GUIDE | Masketeers

Mask Guide 

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Tap Titans 2

Troubleshooting Guide.

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